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Cassie Mae

Bringing the Element of Voice into Life

     The arts of all kinds are my passion. I've been singing ever since I can remember, and I love getting the chance to share that. I've been professionally trained for 6 years and have done competitions, many live performances, along with weddings.   

      I am available for weddings in the surrounding areas of Cloquet, MN as well as the areas surrounding Woodbury, MN. If you are interested, please contact me through email for information on prices, etc.


      I've come to love trying many different mediums of art and through my father have always had access to paint and drawing utensils. I love exploring new ideas and though some of these aren't my main focus I will always be one who tries new things and once I'm committed to finishing something using a new technique or media, I do it. These are some of the successes of my adventures with different media.    The drawings and paintings are available as photographs. Email me for further information. cassie@elemental-origins.com